Vedic Gyan By Pujya Ved Vidya Nand Swamiji

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Sri Veda Bharti Petam


India is the land of Vedas, land of higher learning and land that gave birth too many great Sages in the past and present. The holy land of Basar located on the banks of river Godavari is considered second Kasi and enriched with supreme knowledge, Vedas and penance, ) Basar is popular in India because of  Saraswathi temple, which is only such temple in entire India.

. The establishment  of Sri Veda Bharthi Pitam at Basar should be considered done with divine blessings and intent and penance of great many sages for ages.

Sri Sri Veda Vidyananad Swamiji


Sri Sri Veda Vidyanand Swamiji established Veda Bharthi pitam in Basara (Andhra Pradesh India) at an age of fourteen, he left his home and visited many holy places  and reached Vyasashram. He stayed at Vyasashram for four years serving Sri Sri Veda Vidyanandagiri swamiji and learnt Sanskrit, he travelled far and studied in universities located at Tirupati, kashi,Banglore, Haryana and Delhi.

Swamiji completed Vedas, grammer(Nayacharya), Law ((Nyaya) and philosophy (Vedantam). He was awarded M.A (Vedantacharya) in Kashi, he took sanyasashram from Sri Vidyanandagiri swamiji and is now well known as Sri Sri Veda Vidyanandgiri Swamiji.

Sri Veda Bharti Pitam Objectives


The primary objective of Sri Veda Bharathi pitam is to make holy Vedas, which are the essence of divinity and vision of all Rishis reachable to all humanity irrespective of religion, caste or gender.

In order to make Vedas accessiable to all and entertain other related activities, Sri Veda Bharathi pitan is planning to start:-

*  Veda school with CBSE curriculum.   

*  Ayurveda medicines

*  Old age home and 

*  Guest house for the devotees

Major Objectives Accomplished


Veda Satra Yagam: To spread the knowledge of Vedas and inculate the philosophical thinking in every village, town and city Veda Satra Yagam started in July-2008

Sri Saraswati Veda Suprabhata Seva: In order to make every street wake up to chanting of Vedas, Sri Saraswati Veda Suprabhata Seva have been started.

Sri Sruthi Sat Sangam: To hear Veda Nadam in every house Sri Sruthi Sat Sangam started.



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